What is TSEPay?

A drop in replacement for banking services for retail and business customers.

A platform for selling additional products (financial and/or non-financial)  to customers.

A platform for developing new blockchain backed financial or commercial products.

A platform for adding payment services to blockchain backed IOT processes.

TSEPay is the financial app that will succeed where mobile money failed

TSEPay is a full fledged fintech solution built on blockchain technology

TSEPay Home
  • It is a better Bank than a Bank.
  • It allow interaction between customers associated with different TSEPay implementations.
  • It spreads its wings beyond a single country borders.
  • It allows partners to profit from the “Economy as a service” model.
  • It is as fast as Western Union while providing additional services.
  • It provides a Point of Sale service requiring minimum integration effort.

TSEPay is a Worldwide Financial Swiss knife


A digital contracts mangement platform where contract content, customer choices and signatures are stored on a blockchain.

It is a Multi Currency Portfolio

TSEPay - Financial Swiss Knife - 2

It is a way to send money instantaneously to whomever, anywhere in the world, no banking fees.

It is an easy way to ask for a payment from anybody, who could be from anywhere in any currency: Pay a restaurant in Istanbul in Euros? As easy as point and click

TSEPay - Financial Swiss Knife - 3

Profit from the remittance market


TSEPay allows an operator to tackle multiple markets at once

Retail users will find more convenient to use TSEPay than banking services.

  • Cheap cross border remittances (for the user) with commission for TSEPay partners.
  • Less queues because of the POS service.
  • Fan Token.

Add On(s) can implement most of the economy services.

  • Micro Services.
  • Mirco Insurances.
  • Request for Payment.
  • Heterogenous Bundling.

IoT implementation get a boost with Notarized events and integrated payment requests.

  • Vending Machines.
  • Introduction of blockchain backed notarization services.
  • Micro (or macro) payments services pre integrated.
TSEPay IoT Blockchain

From a retail perspective, TSEPay is highly secured multiple currencies wallet.


TSEPay Modules

TSEPay Basic Modules

  • Cash In & Cash Out
  • IBAN bank account (optional)
  • Currency Exchange
  • Remittance via Bank circuit, TSEPay or WU
  • Company Token
  • Basic Marketplace
  • Virtual Debit CardPayment Request
  • Send Money to another user