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The Skill Edge is a global project development and management services firm. It originated in UAE with an innovative business model of using only world-class industry experts and highly experienced senior managers for client service delivery. The Skill Edge is a firm that capture strategic work at chairman, board and CEO level of the largest multinational companies and leading government organizations, a market that was tightly controlled by the large international consulting firms.
Over the time, TSE expanded into the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia undertook various strategic high value projects.

Global approach for future  generations

Multi-generational Futuristic approach for swift expansions

Cutting edge solutions for modern target customer base.

End to End solution consultancy and management.

Industry leaders serving your needs with dedication.

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What TSEPay is.

Not Your Usual Mobile Money Solution

TSEPay is what mobile money always wanted to be but never could.

Bank charges become your profit.

The remittance market is huge and lucrative, why do you want to leave your share to Banks or to Western Union?

TSEPay is a full-fledge Fintech application.

The The Skill Edge continues to deliver excellence and measurable success. TSEPay brings a cutting edge blockchain solution to the telcos seeking structured reliability.

Secure multi-currency TSEPay wallet.

From a retail customer perspective, TSEPay is highly secured multiple currencies wallet. A wallet powered and secured through blockchain.


The Skill Edge seeks and participates in global success through technological advancements while keeping the planet green.


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