Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planningis the application at the center of the IT landscape of any company and it is largely responsible of controlling how your company operates, what product can be sold and when, what resources are required in order to deliver your products, when these resources will be available, what data of our customers are collected and hence what studies can be performed on our customer situation and behavior in order to procure new business.

How TSE can help

TSE can help you navigate through the questions you need to ask yourself before embarking for the journey that will lead to your ERP Digital transformation. We provide turnkey execution of projects, managing in your behalf all of the aspects of your implementation, under your supervision.


TSE will be able to help you if you are looking to answer one of the questions below. Each of these questions are part of either the Business Strategy or of the Enterprise Architecture or of the Implementation Strategy that will need to be put in place and then executed. TSE can provide capabilities to consult on all questions and aspect of your need that will need addressing and in the procurement of all the answers necessary to proper define the scope, plan and than execute the implementation programme.

Are you looking to answer these question?

  • What is the exact business need we are trying to address?
  • Are the goals of our initiatives compliant with regulation or how do we need to either change them or engage with the regulator?
  • Are our company goals and interests, better served by a diversified architecture of best of breed components or by the best “all in one” suit of products?
  • How do we choose which application best suits our needs without nor overspending and neither hamstring our abilities to growth?
  • How do we properly budget for an ERP implementation?
  • Should we host our IT application stack on  premise or should we host some or all of the architecture on the cloud?
  • How do we manage an ERP implementation and what is expected from us?