What is a Blockchain

The operator business opportunity

Blockchain technology is like Globalisation, it is a wave you can decide to surf on, or one that will run you over, but you won’t be able to dodge it or to wish it away”.

The Blockchain is a disruptive technology.


On average such opportunity happens every ten years

What is a disruptive technology: Example PC vs Typewriter

TSE - Technology Shift

The Typewriter still works. The Typewriter still provides a valuable service.

Nobody these days uses a Typewriter anymore.

The Typewriter business has been disrupted by a technology which has redefined the EXPECTATIONS, the PROCESS, the SPEED the FEATURES and the COSTS, associated to the need, originally fulfilled by the Typewriter.

Technology paradigm shifts redefine the service offering landscape

Create new service offerings for services that were not achievable in a viable (cost, timing) manner before

Customers will expect new services, delivered quicker and in a Cheaper fashion

New companies will be offering services previously offered by institutional companies (Banks, Insurances, Financial investment companies) by providing a Better, Faster, Safer and Clearer service

Old businesses will have their service offering cannibalized by new technology companies

Blockchain vs Internet

Internet: Network of Information

Blockchain: Network of Value Our Blockchain technology

Based on Cosmos


1st generation Blockchain

Not possible to use for recording transactions


2nd generation Blockchain

Expensive to use for recording transactions

Poor performances


3rd generation Blockchain

Cheap to use

Extremely fast transaction recording

Introducing the Commercio Network

TSE - Blockchain Solution

Commercio network is a consortium of companies, using or developing Blockchain technologies, using the Blockchain. has now more than 100 implementation worldwide and it hence is a proven technology.

For Implementing a blockchain backed Digital Transformation, the ideal case is when it is only required to integrate high level COTS solutions, however the digitalization of bespoke processes sometimes requires  using low level APIs and/or the modification of the core technology.

The Blockchain has been built on top the COSMOS ecosystem. inherit the capabilities of the COSMOS ecosystem. is eIDAS Compliant: according to Article 25.1 of the eIDAS Regulation, a standard electronic signature may not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely on the grounds that it is in an electronic form or that it does not meet the requirements for qualified electronic signatures. can provide white label building blocks for streamlining the implementation of customer.

The Blockchain is natively integtrated with our Fintech Metaverse (FM) solution, which means the blockchain can trigger cash in, cash out actions and provision products in the FM marketplace.

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  • Geablock22 Srl, Italy.  Jadochain23 Srl
  • Italy. Tendermint GmbH, Germany
  • La Rocca e Associati  spa, Italy
  • Europa Software srl
  • Italy. Satira Holding srl
  • Italy ABB Chain srl
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  • Freedom srl, Italy and many more….

The Blockchain benefits are encapsulated in each other with cascading effects

TSE - Blockchain Links

New Products

Products can be implemented as smart contracts with automatic payments.

New Onboarding methods

Onboarding procedure for patient and doctors  can be automated with biometric data capture for bullet proof identification.

Innovative Claim handlings

Claim handling can be dealt with in automatic without the need of claim department involvement.

Anti Fraud

Biometric sign off of prescriptions and Biometric identification of customers will drastically reduce Fraud cases.

Attaching binding terms & conditions to actor’s actions.

TSE Blockchain Services Portfolio

  • We Can Help you defining the Blockchain Strategy
  • We can help defining your blockchain related product portfolio
  • We can help you defining and executing your digital transformation scope and roadmap
  • We can help you set up Blockchain backed new business units if you want to enter and disrupt different markets: Ex Financial services,
    Insurance, etc.
  • We can help defining the governance and the capabilities required to deliver Blockchain backed services and help procuring the missing
  • We can help you develop new products using Blockchain technology
  • We can provide IOT related consulting and Blockchain consulting for adding the Blockchain capabilities to current IOT efforts
  • We can set up for you the identity management governance, and solution, integrated in your IT landscape
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