M2M/IoT Platform Deployment

TSE offers end to end services for M2M/IoT platform deployment. Our specialists will procure platform as per your requirements, will do the market analysis and have the GTM ready for you.

M2M & IoT connectivity platform selection

We integrate, cloud-based platform enables companies of all sizes to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy, manage and monetize IoT services on a global scale. M2M & IoT connectivity platform can be selected on account of the different businesses


Enabling IoT services for connected devices that increase customer value and grow revenues.


Enabling industries by easily configuring to meet their unique business needs.

Operator Groups

Enabling industries by easily configuring to meet their unique business needs.


Connectivity Management, Platform Deployment

(Group level integration-Operator level integration)
We connect, control, and manage your M2M and IoT devices globally and all with a single platform. You can gain full visibility and control on your globally dispersed devices, involving cost monitoring and real-time connectivity on the device level. In addition to that, you can right away deploy the solutions with technical integration and all with the single contract. We do this all at fair and transparent pricing to help you grow your business.


Ecosystem, Operator-Enterprise

From the enterprise point of view, operator provides the enterprises with visibility and control over their devises. Enterprises can connect via a web interface or through open APIs. Hence, in this process, the consumer who is the end user, is benefitted.


How we do it, 4 Step Methodology

a) Challenges
We help you with the challenges in Life Cycle Management, Visibility, Business Model Support, Connectivity issues, Scalability, and Global Deployment. We walk you through to overcome such challenges.

b) User Interface
We help you how to demo UI of platform

c) Target Customer
We help you with targeting customers and markets

d) Onboarding Customer
We assist you identifying the onboard customers

Ensuring your M2M SuccessWe do e2e service to choose a platform which is best fit for your network integration and fulfil market appetite