Technology Advisory & Integeration

We understand technology in business as a strategic tool that enables organizations to improve their performance and adapt to changes in their environment. As such, a strong understanding of the current markets, solutions and future trends is fundamental to ensure operations remain effective and that new technologies and associated business models are organically incorporated.

Wireless and wireline operators are under pressure to evolve their networks to support exponential growth in data volumes and connections, offer value-added services (e.g. video, cloud, IoT), and respond to industry innovations and disruptive business models, all while improving profitability. Operators must explore new avenues to manage growth and provide compelling services in a cost-effective manner.

The Skill Edge can assist organizations in assessing both current technology infrastructure and technology offering, identifying weaknesses and threats, as well as strengths and opportunities, and building business cases by evaluating the benefits and challenges associated with both internal projects as well as market oriented initiatives.

Deployment Management

  • Implementation planning and program management

New Product & Services

  • Competitive and gap analysis
  • Roadmap development
  • Product introduction, product management E2E process