TSE offer business strategy, technology consulting and operational execution to the Banking sector. We bring holistic approach to excellent customer experience and apply Organization benchmarking, KPI benchmarking & Process auditing. TSE has established a paramount standing in the telecom industry by providing different corporate, organizations, and businesses with a lot of services, which include; consulting services, IT, Marketing, Sales, Digital, and Telecom services. TSE is providing services to a variety of firms in general, and to Banks in particular. Following is the epigrammatic account for our services to the Banks.

Network Reliability

Since all the Banks have to offer their services round the clock. Therefore, an efficient functioning of the network is their dire need. Providing their clients with state of the art network reliability is among TSE’s top priorities. We believe in the simple and most functional approach, better the network better the services.

Wireless Breakup

TSE has set up a wireless backup, which is being adopted by many a bank. Backups are the backbone of maintaining a secure strategy when it comes to your data and your operations. We believe in affordable excellence through state of the art technologies and wireless backups is plays a key-role.

Ensure Security

In the present time where technology has become so advanced, the biggest problem we are facing is the Security threats. There is an increased complexity concerning financial transactions making network security indispensable in bank’s operations. TSE is bedding in distinctive features guaranteeing such security its customers.

Attract A New Business

Our dyed-in-the-wool team is hands-on in attracting new industries and businesses. We understand the actual needs and wants of our clients and offer best solutions besides supplying excellent services. We help you discover new venues and take you through the acquiring process with ease and reliability.

Tariff Flexibility

Another essential aspect of a thriving business is the tariff flexibility. TSE has launched such flexibility as to make banks offer attractive and competitive packages. We believe that to stay ahead in the market you need to have best and most competitive rates making it tough for your competitors to supersede your numbers.

End to End Services

We are second to none in providing Managed Services, or in other simpler words; End to End Services to our clients. These services are getting increasingly popular with an out of the ordinary speed, nowadays. Through our End to End approach we ensure that your operations and expansion stay smooth all the way.


Our banking clients have seen greatest improvements in their buisness’s marketing through our IoT services. IoT is the future of all industries and we help you get on that bandwagon right now when the marrket is still evolving, our expertise take you to the levels that ensure you stay in the market and visible at all levels.

Business Analysts

Our business analysts are always there for you in helping you identify data and analyze it, which is going to have the utmost impact on your business. We bring the winning combination of data analysis, user base analysis and futuristic practices to your organization ensuring long term stability and properity for your buisness.

Geo Marketing

Geo-marketing assists financial institutions and banks in developing client-oriented marketing activities, offers, and branch networks. Today, banks and other financial institutions are employing Geo0marketing software as a key instrument on the branch level to read which branch will work maximum in accordance with varying activities.

B2B/BAC Process Development and Sales Team Creation for Banks

TSE is providing financial institutions and banks with B2B (Business-to-Business) sales and marketing to understand the client demands and therefore developing the solutions. TSE also offers BAC (Bank Automated Clearing System) and takes responsibility for the tactics and schemes following the settlement and clearing of automated payment procedures. Hence, we are helping you in the creation of potential sales team. Only investment in tools and technology cannot do enough for a booming digital transformation. Rather, the key is to connect the dots among people, technology elements, and process across the customer touch-points; which most of the companies are missing. This is all about linking every single client-oriented effort to the common goal, employing chief digital tools to vie and win.

B2B/B2C Sales Team Restructuring

TSE supplies Buisness-to-Buisness(B2B) and Buisness-to-Consumer(B2C) sales schemes. Where the financial institutions and banks can target other businesses and even individual consumers effectively. We analyze the market constraints, opportunities and help you restructure your sales team for better achievements.

Branch Location

Branch location is assessable through the means of Geo-marketing, which is no less than a marvel of telecom industry. TSE is blessed to provide its clients with this facility. We help you acheive better results through our expert strategy solution customized to cater your needs and provide affordable excellence in deploying the solution.

Product Development Unit

TSE provides the banks with another prospect is a Product Development Unit; which helps you research, develop, and launch new financial products. Our specialists work with the company for identifying and defining target market segments, cheif business strategies, market requirements, and the viable atmosphere for their niche portfolio.

Branch Branding

TSE looks at all the aspects of your client ecperience related to your brand, how it incorporates to the digital touch-points, and how its nature is expressed in regards with your branch’s format strategy. Thhis ensures that each branch is well placed in terms of location and the brand identity is speaking to the consumers in the right tone.

 Branch/Product Branding

Branch and Product Branding of the banks are now more approprietly done through a telecom company than ever before, TSE helps your banking buisness in this arena as well. We ensure that every branch speaks to the local consumer at their emotional level ensuring a long term bonding between your consumer and the banking services.

Synergies Telecoms / Banks

The very idea of convergence between telecoms and banks has shaped various partnerships and new services. This convergence is becoming the need of the hour for both telcos and banks around the Globe. Our experts here to help both banks and telcos to help understand the potential of their business through this convergence and execute the expansion into the new era of banking and teleco services. May it be B2B solutions or B2C featured services, the potential of converged services has proven to be exponentially fruitful and our state of the art solutions ensure that your operational transition is not only smooth but also exceptionally fruitful for your profitability and consumer ease making it a win-win situation for both the bank and the consumer.

Cross Selling

The customer wants to implement the efficient mechanism through which the nature and want of individual clients be assesed and the potential services for efficient up selling and cross seling could be recommencded. TSE is privileged to provide this sevice for its clients leading to success.


ATM technology is one of the most applied methods for making transactions in today’s time. Telecom Copmoany assists financial institutions and banks in executing this service round the clock. From security based value added features to consumer ease features we help you carve state of the art ATM Facilities.

Top Ups

IoT and Digital services are making customers prone to one window shopping experience. Understanding the need of the hour TSE especially designs Mobile Top Up services for your consumer base, which has made banking easier than ever.We ensure to bring the telcos and your consumer on board the service.

Lesser Need of a Credit Card

It is easier to pay through the middle phones than through the credit cards as everyone might more oftenthan not forget their cards at home but very rare their mobile phones. We help banks get on the middle payment bandwagon through our customized end to end strategy and operational execution.


Novel Payment Bank Licenses such as telcos are being provided to the banks, which benefit not only the banked clients but unbanked population as well. We provide state of the art Payment solutions that allow you to tap new markets in your targeted regions. We put your prosperity at the heat of our solution.