Cyber Security

How TSE can help

TSE produce a Cyber security assessment and strategy for your organization and can set up for you the cyber security operations as an in-house initiative or as an outsourced service.

Cybersecurity refers to the preventative techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity revolves around protecting information and systems from cyberthreats; these take many forms, such as application attacks, malware, ransomware, phishing and exploit kits but also attacks from within.

An effective approach to maintain Cyber security is the combination of two approaches

  • Combined deployment of multiple security technologies to protect their networks and data.
  • Machine learning and shared threat intelligence based security architecture to keep up with growing cyberattacks’ sophistication.

Maintaining Cyber security requires a Cyber security strategy and operations in the sense of a continuous effort in prevention and monitoring.