Social Media/CRM Integration

Social Media/CRM integration ensures…

a) A channel of communication that is trackable, measurable, plannable or improvable
b) You can combine everything you already know about each customer, prospect and lead with new information about their social media activity
c) You’ll be able to increase the amount of cases to be handled on a daily bases and respond better to your customers’ needs

Capitalizing on Social Media CRM

CRM’S integration with different Social Media Platforms helps your business improve. You are provided with following platforms to take your CRM to a completely new level.

Linked In

CRM’s integration with LinkedIn enables you to research prospects and connect with customers from within CRM. With CRM for LinkedIn, you can achieve a wide range of sales and marketing objectives. You can identify qualified prospects; generate leads; research prospects prior to sales calls; and establish your company and employee presence on LinkedIn.


CRM’s integration with Facebook allows you to gain insight into customers’ Facebook profiles from within CRM. This enables you to better understand your customers and manage your relationships with them.


Twitter Using this CRM tool you can: manage your Twitter communications with prospects and customers; view Twitter feeds for specific companies and people; save the contents of the Tweet to a note; update your company Twitter feed; and track your brand or company mentions.

Your New Social Marketing/Sales Tools

It can change your understanding of brand reach and perception while giving you access to a raft of new information about customer behavior and opinions. Social Media CRM can help you deliver:

a) Greater exposure in the places where your audiences spend their time
b) Increased engagement and deeper relationships with customers
c) Increased web traffic and conversions and higher search rankings
d) High-quality inbound leads that turn into revenue faster
e) More efficient marketing budgets with higher returns
f) Faster marketing campaigns with better targeting


Your new Social Customer Care Tools

By enabling you to track social interactions with customers using the same refined tools as you use for other touchpoints, you can deliver faster, more complete resolutions to customer service cases from across your business – and that means happier customers.

a) Deliver customer support via social media networks your customers are using
b) Find and reward brand advocates and customers who help others
c) Monitor social media for complaints and resolve issues quickly
d) Interact and engage with customers in real time
e) Talk to each other so that customers get the best help
f) Helps your customer service teams become more proactive, identify issues as they arise


Treat Social Media as an Information Asset

Social networks are now viewed as useful ‘tools’ for companies to better understand their customers. We help you access the benefits of social media without the high costs of building a new IT infrastructure. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of social media, multi-channel customer management, and the latest technologies
We incorporate information from social media into your complete enterprise information map, and we help you increase return on investment by implementing a combination of Service-Oriented Architecture, Master Data Management and cloud solutions.

Evolution of CRM to SCRM

Social CRM has taken the CRM to the next level to reach your business to its maximum potential. In CRM, the company itself was defining the process; while on the other hand, customers themselves define the process. There were assigned departments and specific 9-5 business hours in CRM, however in SCRM; the customers set the hours. CRM has defined channels but SCRM has custom-driven dynamic channels. Transaction in CRM has been replaced by interaction in SCRM. In addition to that, SCRM functioning is outside in; instead of inside out as in CRM.


Managing Customer Relationships in the Social Media Era

The premise of CRM is that the firm could, and should, manage relationships with its customers to maximize lifetime value, an objective that benefits the firm. We are introducing the Social CRM House and providing you the below services:

a) Level of Engagement
b) Social CRM Strategy
c) Data and Information Technology
d) Understanding customers and deriving insights
e) Organizing people
f) Measuring outcomes


All-in-One Social CRM

Social CRM for Sales Teams
Selling your products via the medium of Social CRM is one of the most paramount media in today’s hi-tech epoch.

Social CRM for Marketing Campaigns
One of the most essential ways to expand your business today is the online marketing. Social CRM provides you this very benefit to flourish your industry via the way of online marketing.

Social CRM for Support
Social CRM has made it easier than ever for the clients in finding the particular support resource in the areas they need. Customers are simply overwhelmed by websites, large companies, call centre processes, and online resources. Social CRM is one of the best media to make client’s experience better.


How we do it

Vendor Solution Selection
A broad range of solutions fit under the “CRM in telecoms” umbrella, and each vendor defines the space slightly differently. To identify appropriate solutions, we have defined three criteria for a vendor solution to be included:

a) The vendor must have significant mid-to-large tier-1 CRM telco customers
b) The vendor’s CRM products must possess significant brand awareness within telcos in multiple geographies
c) The vendor solution must be able to provide a 360-degree customer view across multiple customer support channels/social media

Our evaluation processes require each of the vendors (short listed) to provide a technical demo and at least one strategic briefing from a senior product/portfolio manager from product development or management teams. We assessed the solutions against three core categories:

a) Technical competence
b) Strategy assessment for customer support
c) Market impact