Organizational Design

TSE can help you with the organizational design initiative, required as part of your digital transformation effort. A digital transformation changes the way your business operates and this will impact your organizational bodies and the way in which they interact.

How TSE can help

TSE will define a roadmap of your digital transformation which will happen across several years; as your Business gets digitalized, also your organization will transform to meet and the support the change of your business processes.

TSE can help you define

  • Organizational structure: The Organizational structure will evolve in a number of iterations, depending on your technology roadmap and the impacts it will have on your business processes. You can foresee at least 3 Iteration: Pre-Launch, Post-Launch, Mature Organization.
  • Organizational Bodies (department, management committees, etc.)
  • For each body TSE will help you defining:
    •  Governance / Authority
    • Capabilities
    • Manpower plan
    • Processes governing the relationship between these bodies
  • Business Processes
  • For each process TSE will define the KPI to be measured to assess each body performances and the industry standard SLAs
  • JDs for each resource
  • Support the resource procurement.