Supply Chain

A digital transformation will let the company to collect consumer data, allowing it to predict customer behaviour and supply needs. Business Intelligence will allow the company to streamline supply chains in terms of execution and quantities, in the most efficient way possible.

How TSE can help

TSE can consult you on adding the “smart” to your supply chain, by compounding the use of IOT, Sale Analysis and Business Intelligence to set up a proactive replenishment solution:


  • Analytics environment is used to monitor products or material consumption patterns
  • Pre defined event triggers, determine when the procurement process should
    be initiated
  • The event triggers are interfaced with your ERP system in order to initiate the procurement process, automatically or under the process governing your
    supply chain

Four targets to achieve for an intelligent supply chain in a digital market era.


Enable growth through an extended digital ecosystem that unites employees, trading partners, systems and things.


Promote rich and secure collaboration with the flexibility to work how, when and where people, systems and things work.


Boost the competitive edge with machine learning -based advanced analytics to predict outcomes, optimize and automate business operations, and take informed action.


Ensure only the right people, systems and things have access to the right data at the right time—and only as long as they need it.