Micro Service Add On

  • The Micro service add on gives TSEPay the ability to Automate, starting from a contract template, the definition of the purchase contract, contract details, terms & condition.
    • Capture in a blockchain and document database, the customer acceptance of each contract element and the contract overall; copies of the contract will be sent to the service provider and the service customer.
    • Trigger the contract related payment request.
    • Trigger two web services, one for contract verification, the second one to trigger the contract fulfillment.
  • The Point Of Sale (POS) add on is a dependency for this as for any other purchase type services, for its ability to process and order and to share customer details, under customer control to conveniently pre fill customer information on purchase forms/contracts

Advantages for the Customer

  • It is convenient, the stipulation takes place on its app and purchase forms information get pre filled in (customer approval required). 
  • Stipulation, payment, all take place automatically.
  • If the service is an insurance, also the claim is processed automatically, including the claim reward payment.

Advantages for the Service Provider

  • It is a new channel for selling micro services  and micro insurances.
  • Stipulation, payment and insurance coverage payment, all take place automatically.
  • It is cheaper  If the insurance provider is a TSEPay partner the insurance liquidation can happen automatically, no need  of a claim department.

Advantages for the TSE Provider

  • The TSEPay provider earns a commission form the sale.
  • The TSEPay provider gets the payment operation revenue.