Micro Insurance Add On

  • The Micro Insurance is a special case of the Micro Service, which would specify also the customer ID and the desired customer portfolio to receive the amount specified in the insurance contract, in case a valid claim would exists.
  • The main difference is the technology that could be used for the order execution.
  • The whole order Capture and payment will be executed, as usual using TSEPay.
  • In case of a valid claim, this could be executed via a Smart Contract which would verify the claim, without any intervention from either the customer or the insurance claim department and could perform the appropriate payment in the customer portfolio.

Advantages for the Customer

  • It is convenient, the stipulation takes place on its app and purchase forms information get pre filled in (customer approval required).
  • Stipulation, payment, all take place automatically.
  • If the service is an insurance, also the claim is processed automatically, including the claim reward payment.

Advantages for the Service Provider

  • It is a new channel for selling micro services  and micro insurances.
  • Stipulation, payment and insurance coverage payment, all take place automatically.
  • It is cheaper  If the insurance provider is a TSEPay partner the insurance liquidation can happen automatically , no need  of a claim department.

Advantages for the TSE Partner

  • The TSEPay provider earns a commission form the sale

  • The TSEPay provider gets the payment operation revenue.